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Dan Morristar

I’m Dan,

This (if you haven't already guessed), is my blog and over here I write about Personal Finance & growing on YouTube. I share analysis, tools & strategies that help achieve Financial Freedom.

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Recent Posts

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Surviving my first month on YouTube

Reviewing my first month on YouTube after 5 posting 5 videos. What I wasn't prepared for. What I learnt from Reddit about my YouTube channel and progressing forwards to 1,000 subscribers.

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How to have the confidence to post to YouTube

Do you want to post a video to YouTube? Are you worried what other people would think? Below are 3 concepts that helped me post my first video.

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4 Types of Stock & Shares Investment Accounts

When opening a Stocks and Shares investment amount there are 3 main things to think about: What type of account do you want to openWhat do you want to invest intoWhat provider do you want to selectThis page is going to focus on what type of account you may want