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About me


I'm Dan and my goal is to document and share my journey on the path to financial independence and growing on YouTube. This site was created on August 2021 and my hope is to connect with like minded people seeking a greater level of freedom and personal growth.

What i'm working on

  1. Living frugally and buying stocks.
  2. Developing a YouTube channel - creating videos about Personal Finance and YouTube
  3. Sharing my learnings & journey on this blog and via my email newsletter


Throughout my 20s I built various online businesses and I have since removed them from the internet after being discouraged with the level of  growth. It's easy to quit posting online and feel discouraged after seeing little success but it's important to remember that the majority of any benefits in life come at the end of a compound interest curve. I hope publishing updates to this site from day-1 and sharing my journey in a transparent and honest way this could potentially motivate other people to follow their own passions and dreams.

Henry David Thoreau said 'Most men live lives of quiet desperation' and now thanks to the internet everybody has an opportunity to grow and build something that gets them closer to the freedom the seek.

Contact me

  1. The best way to keep in contact with me is through my email newsletter. If you would like to reach me for business enquires please contact me here. I read 100% of my emails.

If you're on social media you can contact me on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to follow me on those platforms.