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How to have the confidence to post to YouTube

Do you want to post a video to YouTube? Are you worried what other people would think? Below are 3 concepts that helped me post my first video.

Dan Morristar
Dan Morristar
3 min read

Do you want to post a video to YouTube?

Are you worried what other people would think?

For some people making and posting a video to YouTube isn't a big deal and for people born after the year 2000 it is most likely second nature.

For others it takes a big more courage, a bit more positive self talk. For years I have been talking myself into creating a channel but have always held myself back from hitting record. This week I have finally imported my first timeline into Final Cut Pro.

Gaining conference to post to YouTube

Below are a few points from my video and things I considered when talking myself into posting my first video to YouTube. Understanding these things helped me and hopefully they will help you also.

1. Everyones first video is bad

  • Everyone's first video is bad. Most peoples first videos are terrible if you go back and watch them.
  • MKBHD started with a webcam and now has 14million subscribers, 2.6b views and easily one of the most recognised tech YouTubers.
  • Lost Leblanc started in what looks like photography studio and now has 1.8 million subscribers, 173 million views and library of cinematic videos.
  • This concept of everyone's first video is bad doesn’t just apply to Youtube. Even iconic TV shows like The Simpsons started with a basic product and improved over time.
  • It's important to remember that everyone stars somewhere and everyones 1st, 2nd and 3rd video is usually bad.

I didn't include this in the video but Ali Abdaal talks about The Parable of the Pottery Class where a pottery class was split into 2 groups. One group had 30 days to make a pot and the other group had to make 30 pots in 30 days. The latter group produced the better end result as they had more practice and failures.

2. Everyone has the same fear

  • People fear public ridicule, but the truth is nobody really cares about whatever you post online and if they care enough to watch your videos then they will be supporting your rankings anyway.
  • The worst case scenario is that if someone cares enough to put down your creative pursuits then they are probably not a very good friend to begin with.
  • YouTube is a great personal development tool and way to learn to become a better communicator. It's the modern day Toastmasters.
  • Most people I've met who are interested in posting to YouTube but have hesitated all have the same fear of starting or have recorded something and have not been happy with the result.

A Coffezilla video connected the dots on this one for me when he shared a concept that helped him called the taste gap. For me it was important to understand that I am not alone with being hesitant to post videos online and the taste gap provided a solution.

3. The taste gap

Ira Glass came up with the concept of the Taste Gap

  • We get into creative work because we have good taste.
  • But there is a gap in the first couple of years when you're making stuff, because it's not that great. It's trying to be good, it has ambition, but it's not that great.
  • But your taste is still killer. AND your taste is telling you that your work isn't very good.
  • A lot of people never get past this phase and a lot of people QUIT.
  • BUT
  • Everybody who goes through a creative pursuit goes through years of producing bad work (thats trying to be good).
  • To push past this phase, the most important thing is to do a lot of work. Because it's only going through a body of work is what will close the gap.

The Taste Gap and The Parable of the Pottery Class is what helped me have the courage to begin to fight my way through creative disappointment.

My first video

Below is my first video. This is my explanation of this blog post and my efforts to produce a YouTube video. I can roast 100 things about this video.

Perhaps I will improve or perhaps I will learn that posting to YouTube is not for me. Either way I have conquered a fear and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.‌

If you are interested in learning how to post to YouTube. YouTube have a Creator Academy with lots of beginner courses. I was surprised to find these interesting to watch and satisfying to receive a certificate of completion.  

I've turned comments off on this blog because i'm more active on social media. If this post helped you then consider subscribing to my channel. I always find it interesting to go back and look at creators first videos and see how far they have progressed. Hopefully one day I can come back here and look at this first video and think the same.

Dan Morristar

Talking Personal Finance and YouTube.