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Why you shouldn't delete Social Media

Dan Morristar
Dan Morristar
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The internet is full of articles talking about the most compelling reasons to delete social media.  Among these are reasons are better mental health, more time, more energy and improved self esteem etc. Signing off from social media due to depression, stress, and anxiety is common however I want to present a counter argument on why you should keep your social media.

Let me present to you exhibit A:

Incase you missed it, this is my IG with ZERO followers. I've had an Instagram account many years ago but deleted all social media about 5 years ago and went completely dark.

Getting followers on IG is probably the hardest of all the social media platforms. In order to have a good IG and be active you actually have to go and do interesting things which doesn't always complement an introverts personality like myself.

Sure I could add all my friends, family or work colleagues but then I'm openly choosing to share this blog while id rather they stumbled upon it naturally (if ever.) All those photos, past connections and memory's are all gone, not to mention my preferred username - that I can never get back.  

Deleting social media has become trendy in 2021. Most of the time, when self-help writers write about how doing thus-and-such a thing “changed their life,” I suspect they’re playing it up for dramatic effect or copying trends. It's become trendy to delete social media but in reality it's not social media thats the problem its how people use it.

Social media should be an extension of yourself, your business. They should be treated as part of your success. Do you think Apple or Nike would delete social media? It would be a foolish move for them and it's a foolish move for you. Social media is here to stay and while your deleting social accounts and hiding from the world, somebody else is building.

So go ahead and delete all your accounts if your following the latest trend but just remember what when you do eventually plug back in.. You will be starting again from zero.

Dan Morristar

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