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Talking into the void

Dan Morristar
Dan Morristar
2 min read

Posting online can be challenging. I myself have struggled for years with creating and deleting social media accounts. Never knowing what it was I wanted to put out into the world or how comfortable I felt giving up parts of my personal privacy.

Peoples personalities grow and evolve over time, opinions can change and what is published online stays online forever. As Edward Snowden has taught us all, it all becomes part of a 'Permanent Record', forever stored and archived as part of our internet identity.

Putting the privacy aspect aside, the next barrier becomes knowing what to write about and share. Most people have so many personal interests and yet SEO tells us to narrow them down and neich deep into a topic, hitting the long tail keyboards to even get a shot at ranking high on Google. Logically this makes sense, but it can soon become boring writing about the same old topic day after day, week after week.

That’s why this site is going to cover a broad variety of themes, it's going to evolve over time along with my interests and it will likely contradict itself many times. I feel the best case scenario will be that articles on this site will help someone and worse case scenario it should help improve my writing, research, thinking and creativity. It moves me closer to becoming a producer of content rather than a consumer. It helps me get over the trap of perfectionism and forces me to ship something (even if it’s a few words on a blog). It allows me to face into my fears and have the humility to talk into the void even if nobody is listening and gives me a creative outlet to share my inner thoughts.

My intention for this site is simple. Generally speaking I'm interested in Financial Independence and want to show my journey. I also like tech, travel, minimalism, crypto, investing & YouTube. My mission here is to increase the amount of freedom and happiness in my life and move closer towards the eventual goal of retiring in an Asian country - most likely Thailand.

If you also want to post to the internet then just go ahead and do it, you really don't have that much to loose. Anything holding you back from being creative and publishing something is likely fear.

I'll sign of this first post with a quote that expresses my thoughts much better than I can:

'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.'


Dan Morristar

Talking Personal Finance and YouTube.